To Grandma’s House

Today I commemorate our meeting;
I rewind back to April 24th.
I was scanning the horizon
Of my colorless world.

All my girlhood dreams - collective - explode and dart!
Concerto of Southern charm, Freud's theory proved;
My innocent compliance, my romantic, daydreaming heart,
My nuptial state - an afterthought - so long unmoved.

And you, you landscaped my secret fantasies,
Mowed down the mundane, the weeds that strangled me.
I, Rapunzel, let down my hair.
You climbed up on 36 years of cumulate complacency.

You were the Wolf and I:
Red Riding Hood;
But I took your hand, touched your skin;
Would I so rashly betray my vow?

I would.

I did.

I can never go back
To being twenty-five,
To first love, to what God hath joined.

I put it asunder.

I lied.

Oh, but if I could rewind my life!
Stand strong, hold firm and tight,
And see that Devils sometimes masquerade 
As Angels of Light.

Then I'd still be young and satisfied
With a commonplace account.
And this time I'd run all the way
To Grandma's house.

copyright 2000 by Kristin McKenna Clouse

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