I love to be outdoors, I’m a music fanatic, I love beautiful things, I love to learn and I love to write.  I especially love to write about the past and I am often overcome with nostalgia for simpler (and seemingly better) times.  But, today, more important than any of my creative pursuits (that are ever-fleeting and ultimately futile) I am a Christ Follower.  I always considered myself a Christian, but I certainly didn’t live like one. I was sincere in my belief that Jesus Christ (Yeshua) died for my sins and rose again and that I was saved by grace alone and not by works, but there was something missing.  A dramatic change happened in my life when I decided to finally read the entire Bible.  I used to think it was just another piece of literature, but as I have read and studied the Word daily for over a year now (I’ve read the entire Bible once and am now on my second time reading and studying the New Testament in 2018) I am fully convinced that there is supernatural power in the Word of God — power to heal and transform.  It has truly changed my life and is transforming me and healing me daily.  I will continue to treasure the past and write about times and ways of life that are quickly being forgotten, but I am excited about the present and the plans that God has for me.  I have a special place in my heart for the broken — those who have experienced great loss or abuse in their lives, those who struggle with alcohol or drug abuse, and all those great sinners (like me) who seek a Savior.

Me as a kid, circa 1978 (that’s my dad in the background.  I loved him very much and he was murdered on 02/10/96 at the age of only 47). 
This is me circa 2018. Jesus didn’t come to call the righteous, but sinners (like me) to repentance! (Luke 5:32)





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